Thursday, September 24, 2009


So I have gotten lucky lately and captured some really great pictures of birds. Hope you like them.Shot out of my windshield (I was parked). I really like this picture.

Some friendly egrets at the local cranberry bog. They were nice enough to pose.
Swan. Okay so you can kind of see his mate behind him. I was able to get real close to these two without scaring them. Taken at a local animal/nature sanctuary.
Swan in Shadows.

Taken with my camera's extreme zoom feature. Mr. Swan's profile.

Final picture. The swans got tired of the crazy lady taking their picture. Taken with my camera's black and white feature.

This weekend the hubby and I are going to Maine. I promise to post those pictures on Monday. We are leaving tomorrow. Enjoy the weekend!


Thursday, September 17, 2009

Bog Pictures

I am so sorry for not posting in awhile! My computer completely crashed and I almost lost everything. Now that hubby fixed my computer, I can post the bog pictures I promised. First, let me tell you, I love where I live. The hubby and I have a house right near Patriots Place and up at the mall there is a huge Bass Pro Shop. Bass has its own nature trails and cranberry bogs. That is where I took all this pictures.

This water lily was so beautiful, I just had to take a picture of it. Probably one of my personal favorites and best.

Some bright purple flowers of the bog.
The waterfall behind Bass Pro Shop.

Okay later today I am going to post pictures of birds.
Hope you enjoy my pictures!


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

People Pictures

At first I thought this theme might not work. My graduate class was canceled and my plans to snap pictures of unsuspecting college students was ruined. Then while driving home from running errands I saw a sign for the recreational park near our home. On a whim I decided to pull in and explore. There are soccer fields, baseball diamonds, a playground, and a small skate park. The teen skaters there were nice enough to lady shoot pictures. Here they are...Taken through the chain link fence, with my camera's sport picture feature.

This little guy was so cute. The older boys were nice to give him a try.
This guy actually came up to me, asking to see this picture. He really liked it.

Action shot #1!

Action shot #2!

Hurray for the kindness of strangers. Tomorrow: Bog pictures.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Sepia Tine Pictures

So my camera has this nifty feature where you can automatically take pictures in black and white or sepia. These are the ones I took today.Once again I was playing with the extreme zoom feature, as well as the sepia feature. This is one of the three Colorado Blue Spruces we have in our front yard. I love the sharpness the septa tone picks up.

The town church. This picture looks creepy in sepia tine. Kind of like it should be a cover for a ghost book/movie.

So following the whole creepy picture theme...I present our town crypt. Which is apparently built underneath the library. Weird....
This is the lock on the crypt. I wonder what they need a lock for.I like the contrasting tones in this picture.

I love talking pictures of animals. These two pups were waiting patiently for their owner to return for the pizza place. They are so cute!

I really like playing with my camera's features, seeing what I can capture and what tones they look good in. I hope the readers are enjoying the pictures as well. Tomorrow...People.


Nature Pictures

So first time I used my camera in a well. I went a little snap happy. Here are the best pictures of all the pictures I took yesterday.

So these morning glories are the only flowers left in a very dead pot. They are wilting fast but their color is still so vibrant.

These berries are part of a strange looking weed that grows in our backyard. We are not quiet sure what type of plant it is. But the berries and stem are this interesting purple/black color shown here.

I love this picture. One of my best ones taken with my camera's extreme zoom feature. I am not sure what kind of plant this is but it sort of looks like roasted marshmallows.

There is a little herb garden at our local library. This guy was the last of the wild strawberries.

So I really enjoyed breaking out my camera. I hope you enjoyed the pictures. Today's assignment: Sepia Pictures.



Monday, September 14, 2009


So I have this idea...
Every day/week/month (depending on how much time I have) I am going to give myself a photographic assignment. Such as post three pictures of cool trees, animals, people, etc...
And then I will post the pictures here for readers and bloggers to enjoy.

Today's assignment: Nature