Friday, October 2, 2009

Maine Pictures

Bah I hate my computer! I can't wait to get a new one. Here are the pictures from Maine.

This two photos were taken outside a local winery. The water pump was so classic and beauty I just had to take a picture of it. Followed closely by a picture of the lilacs (and their reflection) that were hanging over the water.

Some pictures from inside the winery. The winery was called Blacksmiths and I suggest if you ever travel to Maine that you stop there. They are really nice and their ice wine is the BEST thing I have ever drank.

Some sunset pictures. The lake is just down the stairs from my family's cabin. I grew up swimming on this lake and it always feels like home when I return to Maine.

A warm fire, a beautiful sunset, what more did you need?

So John and I went apple picking while up in Maine. Outside the apple shack were this really cool wagon wheel (taken in black and white) and rusted lock box.

Inside the apple shack, the woman had a neat decoration made from corn and an old hornets nest. And this cool old scale.

The orchard, on a beautiful Maine fall day. And some rotten apples fallen from the branches.

Some Cortland apples and a lone yellow cone flower.

Our apple harvest! Our bag was overflowing. And a very good picture of the man I married.

Oh camera, how I love you and your sepia feature. John likes this picture, he looks like he is from the 1930s.

A beautiful fall leaf and old barn (shot in black and white). Both taken at the apple orchard.

John and I also went up to Quaker Ridge. Here you can see the beautiful fall colors and a cool old birdhouse (shot in black and white).Final picture of myself giving John some love, shot in black and white.

I am not sure what I am up to this weekend, but I will be bringing my camera. So the topic is: The Weekend.