Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Sepia Tine Pictures

So my camera has this nifty feature where you can automatically take pictures in black and white or sepia. These are the ones I took today.Once again I was playing with the extreme zoom feature, as well as the sepia feature. This is one of the three Colorado Blue Spruces we have in our front yard. I love the sharpness the septa tone picks up.

The town church. This picture looks creepy in sepia tine. Kind of like it should be a cover for a ghost book/movie.

So following the whole creepy picture theme...I present our town crypt. Which is apparently built underneath the library. Weird....
This is the lock on the crypt. I wonder what they need a lock for.I like the contrasting tones in this picture.

I love talking pictures of animals. These two pups were waiting patiently for their owner to return for the pizza place. They are so cute!

I really like playing with my camera's features, seeing what I can capture and what tones they look good in. I hope the readers are enjoying the pictures as well. Tomorrow...People.


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